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"HARMONIKA DUO Renata & Josef Pospisil" have performed together since 1996, not only on the rostrum, but also as a married couple. In a short time they are now recognized by audiences in the whole of Europe, USA, and Japan. They have appeared on TV, taken part in radio discussions and their photographs have appeared in magazines and the daily press.

Originally, Josef Pospisil performed as a drummer / producer of a small not so traditional wind band "STAHLAVSKA SESTKA - Original PILSENER URQELL Musikanten". He is a well known presenter of authors, broadcasting and staging programmes / SP "Za vesnickymi muzikanty" ( translated, this means: follow the village musicians, same chapters captured same named books), "S dechovkou za humna" with " S Plzenaky od podlahy".

From the concerts one can be reminded of "Beze spechu s Josefem Pospisilem" ( Without a hurry with Josef Pospisil ) and perhaps balanced programme "D-PARADA", all in the halls with larger capacity. For admirers this typical Czech genre specified chamber, relaxed evenings, suitable for dancing and getting to know each other - all pleasant listening ( disco, wind bands "PARADE *PE*PI*CZECH" - „PEPICEK“).

The repertoire of "orignal HARMONIKA DUO Renata & Josef Pospisil" is rich, distinguished, as determined by wisdom of the classics… a little from all…, therefore you can sample world evergreen compositions, the opera, and a musical mixture - typical Austrian, German and Czech Marches - which when played have captivated audiences at championships.

Originally a blond and pleasant heligon-harmonica player, Renata with Josef, have prepared world-wide famous wind band hits, folklore songs (for all moods) and others. Renata is a successful graduate of high school music, for piano accordion. She is able to play the old Czech diatonic instrument called "Heligonka" /"Sterirische-Harmonica“/. Renata is a champion of many international competitions and also laureat festivals and shows. Of course she is a public darling.

Partner Josef Pospisil isn't just any "guru", but he is also a well known personality - either broadcasting on air, or as a successful presenter of bands, singers, composers-text writers. As a compare/presenter, he is in big demand for festivals and shows. He is an author of melodic songs, which the first class wind bands have in their repertories.

"Renatka & Pepicek", as titled warmly by their fans/admirers, are a pleasant partnership, who know how to achieve with a musical melody, a good mood. The appropriate audience often say that they are "servants and creators of good mood". They are very original.

The same applies to their Artistic Agency, which is offering the best from favourite Czech music, as accordian, the folklore choirs, the bag pipes from Chodsko and other parts; cymbal music from Morava (example Jozka Cerny, Jozka Smukar, Jiri Helan, Karel Hegner, GLORIA, to a traditional / not traditional bands from all corners of Czech Republic!

All one needs is to wish and your wish will be granted ( nothing is impossible ).

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